PLAN2TIGA is a tool implementing the encoding of flexible plans into networks of timed game automata (TGA), according to the syntax accepted by UPPAAL TIGA, that can therefore be called on the files generated by PLAN2TIGA in order to check whether the corresponding plan is dynamically controllable and, if so, generate a strategy for robust plan execution.

Flexible plans are defined like in [1], and extended in order to treat uncertainty. Tokens are in fact annotated by a controllability tag: the exact duration of a controllable token can be decided by the controller (obviously respecting the bounds on its end point and duration), while the end time of uncontrollable tokens is under the control of the environment. An external timeline is made up of uncontrollable tokens only, while planned timelines may contain both controllable and uncontrollable tokens.

[1]   M. Cialdea Mayer, A. Orlandini, A. Umbrico.
A Formal Account of Planning with Flexible Timelines.
21st International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME 2014), pages 37-46, 2014.


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